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Sticky Announcement!!!


This is the place where I produce and share graphics and sometimes subbed video.
All post regarding graphics editing is 100% public.
You don't have to add me as your friend if you want to see my works.

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Picspam : Sakumiya Part 2

This time I'm going to do concert picspam. You know Sakumiya in concert just awesome.
First, they're hot

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On a different notes.

Well Arashi subtleness are just so natural. Sho's hand on the back of Aiba.
Nino's leg in between Matsujun legs. Nino's hand on Ohno's shoulder
and Ohno's hand on Nino's knee.
Yes Sho, It is a happy point for me. The End. Have a nice day.
Credit : STORMYteam vids, tumblr, scans from variety of community
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So what's the meaning behind this post?
After 2 years I have been making wallies, now I guess it's the right time to have a community.
If you added me as a friend because you like my wallpapers, so you should join
Don't worry. The community is public. No rules & regulations.
I need to clear some of you in my f-list since I didn't really know half of you in the list.
I'm so sorry. Please enjoy the wallpapers in the new community.
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24 Jikan Terebi 2004.08.22 - Aiba's Letter + Hero [Eng Sub]

My random thought: This was the video that turn me completely into their fan. I never see such a deep friendship as Arashi. And I never see boys cried in the real life except in the movies / dramas. This video was full of touching moment from the start to end. If you an Arashi fans, you must watch this. And my only advice "Prepare your tissues".

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